Rigger’s Forming Vice

|||Rigger’s Forming Vice

Rigger’s Forming Vice

The portable rigger’s forming vice is in widespread use wherever aircraft cable, stainless aircraft cable, stainless steel wire rope, or just normal wire rope are used or handled. Example; sailboat rigging, stage lighting rigging, ship rigging, as well as maritime, oil, lumber construction and manufacturing industries.







Our Rigger´s Forming Vice meets all standard specifications. Patened jaws hold and snug cables and wire rope from 1/16” to 3 ½” inclusive without adapters. Acme threaded screws provide easy operation, positive action, and extreme strength. Rigid construction assures long lasting durability. Invaluable for forming cable or wire rope around thimbles or fixtures, making slings for either splicing or “U” bolt clamp or clip installations.

• Handle 1/16” to 3 ½” wire rope adapters
• Form strong slings for handling many heavy loads
• Proven in maritime, oil, lumber construction and manufacturing industries
• Available in four sizes
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