4200T Swager

P 4200T 2S

Our 4200T swager is equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit and has a safe design according to proven standards.
The operation of the machine is extremely easy since an electrical foot pedal permits the operator to use both hands when swaging.

In addition to the normal up/down function, the foot pedal has a “hold position” feature to facilitate rope/eye adjustments and to make tool set-up quicker. Despite the machines size, it is designed for optimum performance, efficiency as well as safety for the operator.

All our swagers are developed and manufactured in our workshop in Gothenburg.



The 4200T (P 4200T 2S) swager, type 2S, is designed to handle some of the largest sizes of wire ropes on the market today.

Aluminium ferrules can be swaged up to size T 94 in singlestage and up to size T 152 multi-stage. For flemish eye sleeves (carbon steel) up to size 6″.

The high strength, life-span and minimum maintenance of this swager are amongst other things ensured by the monoblock construction of the swager body. Combining our long experience with the new computerized strength calculation techniques, we have optimized the swager to ensure both power and precision.

On the P 4200T 2S swager the T-panel is standard equipment. This to make the operators work more efficient and easy.

Optional equipment is available to be able to optimize the swager: Die holders, Insert die holders (smaller dies can be used), RBS 130 and the modern T-Panel EXT.

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