TALUCRIMP™ is a mechanical splicing system that is used on steel wire rope from 8 to 12 mm diameter (fibre and steel core). The ferrules are swaged onto the rope using light weight hand tools weighing less than 8 kgs. These tools provide an efficient turnback connection.

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TALUCRIMP™ 13 is tested connection for 12 mm steel wire rope in 7×19 Seale construction. This rope is used in the construction of ropes courses but also in forrestry applications. When using our TALUCRIMP™ ferrules according to our Instruction the sling will reach at least 100 kN breaking load. Normally this diameter wire would require a press weighing in excess of 500 kgs to terminate it, our portable system uses a special ferrule to achieve the same result.

TALUCRIMP™ splices are not approved for lifting purposes. Use our TALURIT™ swagers and follow our Ferrule Securing Instruction for these type of rope slings.


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