LKA 06

High performance, great accuracy. With a feeding speed of 100-1000 mm/sec this is a real performance production machine. The LKA 06 cuts a 6mm diameter wires in predetermined lengths up to 1m. Add an optional tube and get the possibility to program lengths up to 5m.


LKA 06 is a fully automatic wire rope cutting machine, featuring smooth start and advanced retardation of the feeding unit. Intended for cutting pre-formed wire ropes in diameters between 1 to 6 mm.
Cutting length for a standard machine is 1 000 mm. As an option it is possible to extend the cutting length with one or two spouts of 2 000 mm each, giving a maximum wire rope length up to 5 000 mm in total. Minimum cutting length is approx. 100 mm. The electronic measuring unit has an accuracy of ± 2 mm of the measured length, up to 5 000 mm.
This machine has a very low noise level and is environment friendly. The spout and the shears are operated pneumatically, while the feeding unit is electric. Feeding speed is variable. Compressor is available as an option to provide compressed air.


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