LKA 05 Annealing

LKA 05 Annealing

  • Robust design
  • Precise
  • Total reliability
  • User friendly


  • Additional extensions
  • Feeding buffer


The LKA 05 Annealing is a fully automatic wire rope cutting machine, designed for cutting dry steel wire ropes by a method of annealing. It is suitable for rope diameters of between 1-5 mm and can be set for cutting lengths from 165 to 1 000 mm. As an option it is possible to extend the cutting length with one or two pulling units of 2 000 mm each, giving a maximum wire rope length up to 5 000 mm in total. The machine operates with a high level of accuracy of +/- 1 – 3 mm on a length of 1000 mm depending of the wire rope type. The various functions are PLC-controlled operated by a touch-panel (HMI). The touch panel (HMI) has a recipe handling system to store settings for different steel wire rope types.

The machine is capable of high speed, with a maximum feeding speed of 1000 mm/s, if using the optional feeding buffer. The LKA 05 Annealing has a low noise level. The cutting section is pneumatically driven, while the feeding unit is electric. Feeding speed is variable. The steel wire rope can be cut to give either a tapered, rounded or straight shape. The LKA 05 Annealing must be equipped with a motor driven uncoiling machine. TALURIT™ Uncoiling device AVL 500M is our recommended solution. It can also be custom made to fit into a production line interacting with other machinery.

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